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TRUST REALTY República Dominicana, Venta de propiedades en Santo Domingo. Le ofrecemos un amplio inventario de propiedades inmobiliarias en la capital  Santo Domingo y en la costa este de la República Dominicana.  Tenemos una gran selección de casas, villas, apartamentos, condominios, negocios comerciales, terrenos, solares, tierras y fincas.


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Real Estate in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is New World’s first European city and the capital of the Dominican Republic. It was the Spanish colonial empire’s first seat in the New World. Bartolome Columbus, who was the brother of Christopher Columbus, founded it in 1496. The oldest European settlement that was continuously inhabited in the Americas, Santo Domingo is home to a rich cultural and historic heritage. This makes it one of the most satisfying tourist places on Earth. These days, it is one of the most populated areas in the area of Central America and the Caribbean. It is the primary commercial and economic center of this area.


The Zona Colonial, also known as the Colonial Zone is one of the most visited tourist destinations in this city. It faces the Caribbean Sea from the western bank of the river. To its west is the Gazcue, which is full of tree-lined streets and Victorian homes, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods here. The “El Malecon”, which is the waterfront George Washington Avenue of the city, pulls many tourists because of the casinos, hotels, monuments and palm-lined boulevards here. It also borders the Caribbean Sea. Around the Gazcue is the Dominican government’s seat, known as the Palacio Nacional, the Palace of Fine Arts, the National Theater and Plaza de la Cultura’s museums.

These constituents transform Santo Domingo into a bustling and lively cosmopolitan city with a unique ambiance and neighborhoods, which provide a diverse experience of culture.

Currently, Santo Domingo’s real estate market is highly favorable and profitable for investors. The prices are high as the growth potential is also skyrocketing. Other factors influencing the real estate market growth are the increase in tourism and infrastructure improvement. The vacation rentals in Santo Domingo for European and American investors are particularly advantageous and replete with opportunities.

There is a huge variety in the property available in the area, along with opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment. People who want to invest in their own apartment and villa need look no further than Santo Domingo.