About Punta Cana

Punta Cana and Bavaro are located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, known for their long stretches of white sandy beaches and coconut trees. The region is home to many luxurious resort developments and hotels, most of which are all-inclusive and owned by Spanish companies. These resorts attract tourists from North America, Latin America, and Europe. The small towns of Cortecito and Los Corales are also located along this beachfront.

According to EscapeArtist.com, a foreign lifestyle magazine, the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana offer endless possibilities for easy living. The magazine notes that the country is welcoming to foreigners and investors, and that real estate prices in the area are still relatively affordable. The magazine also recommends trying the local food and beer. Frommers Caribbean, another review site, mentions that Punta Cana is a popular vacation spot for celebrities, who often live in private, upscale villas in the region. Designer Oscar de la Renta and singer Julio Iglesias are among the celebrities who have chosen Punta Cana as their primary vacation or permanent home.

Punta Cana, Bavaro, Macao, and Uvero Alto offer a variety of activities for tourists, including sunbathing, horseback riding, surfing, and volleyball on the beaches, as well as sailing, fishing, windsurfing, diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling in the clear waters. In 2010, there were around 50,000 hotel rooms available in the region, which increased by 5% in 2012. The population also saw a significant increase, growing from 60,000 in 2010 to over 100,000 in 2022. In 2022, there were over 8 million arrivals at the Punta Cana International Airport, breaking the previous record of 7,106,248 travelers in 2019, according to Civil Aviation Board statistics. The Punta Cana airport handles the most traffic of the six international airports in the Dominican Republic